Sirima Chaipreechawit was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1988

Her photography has been originally created from her passion in black and white. She has been fascinated by the path through the streets and alleys that allowed herself to be fully expressed. She always travels and tells stories of what she saw through the nature of her photography.  In each of her expeditions, she would be lost among her emotional self, places and people she met along the way. In the midst of that moment, her profound creativity would be created and produced a powerful identity in her photography, in the way that has always been described by her faithful audience as darkness and loneliness.

For Sirima, photography is a reflected explanation of her own self; her view and her thought, at the best she could possibly express. 

And life, for her, is always a trip to eternity. 

 Contact` E-mail : PAHPARN @GMAIL.COM 

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We don’t see things as they are,
we see them as we are
— Anaïs Nin